Saturday, January 8, 2011

So Much To Do, So Little Time To Do It

We're moving in about 3 weeks and my first priority, you'd think, should be packing. But no. I'm more worried about getting my projects done before we leave so they're all finished before the move! :) Do I need to be set straight? Nah, I'll just procrastinate til the last minute I think. So if anyone wants to watch my kids in a few weeks I'm sure I'll need it! Ha!

Here are a few things that have been sitting in my garage for far too long! Cross your fingers I can finish them before we leave! ...
A credenza I found on KSL, with intentions of selling, but decided to be selfish and keep it for myself! The thing weighs probably 350lbs and it's not very often that you find SOLID wood pieces anymore. Speaking of which, if you ever look at furniture on Craigslist or anywhere else a lot of times the add will say "Solid Wood" but I'm willing to bet 75% of the time they're wrong. Unfortunately most people don't know what "solid wood" means. This credenza will be replacing the dresser that already sits below our tv...
 before & after
I decided I like how chunky and massive the credenza is so it'll be fun to switch things around a bit!

Next up...
A chest I found - also on KSL - that I've been meaning to sell! So if all my projects can get done in the next little bit, this pretty little thing should be up for sale shortly!

*Apparently I forgot to take a picture of the last thing, but it's a vanity of my great grandma's that goes with the rest of a bedroom set I refinished for my daughter a few years ago. Her bedroom isn't big enough to fit all the pieces so it's been sitting in the garage for quite a while now. I'm excited to get that one finished, it has a huge mirror that I can already picture my daughter dancing in front of! :)

My garage will be the biggest nightmare to pack, I'm afraid. But yes, I will be dragging all my crafting things with me. :)

So what's sitting in your garage?? :) Hopefully nothing but cars, because that would mean you're more on the ball than me and have finished your projects already! I would LOVE to see your projects and share them with everyone!! Please email me anything you're willing to share at

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Krista said...

I'll send you the pictures of all the furniture and cabinets we redid when you were home in October. My friends are shocked that we did so many pieces. Everything that I hated has become some of my favorites. Thanks honey.