Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Stockings!!!

I know, I'm a little over excited about them! Unfortunately I've been extremely busy lately and have no time to post the how-to, but here's a few pictures just because I can't stand it any longer :) ...

Ma & Pops...

The kiddos...

I love how vintagey they ended up looking!
(Vintagey- it's a word.)

 **Sorry about the pictures, my camera has been having issues and is now offically broken :(

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Love Love Love Burlap

Have I mentioned I love burlap? :) Have you ever worked with it? Ok, it's not my favorite to sew with, but man is it cheap! And so so cute!

I've been meaning to make some pillows for my never-ending-bedroom-makeover and finally got around to it the other day. A few months ago I made a bed skirt out of some fabric I found that had every color I wanted in my room. My dressers are a light light green:
so that's always been a bit hard to match things too. Note to self: always choose fabrics before paints!!

...Anyway, I used burlap and a little bit of the fabric from my bed skirt that I had left over. I had this random idea to make it look like a present so here's what I ended up with...

How to:

1. Cut fabric to fit pillow (my pillow was 18in x 18in so I cut my burlap 19in x 19 in). Remember your seams will take up about 1" if you do 1/2" seam on each side.

*I wanted this pillow to be super quick and easy to make so instead of using a zipper I just cut the fabric for the back of the pillow in 2 pieces and overlapped them so you could still be able to remove the cover to wash. Does that make sense? So for the back piece I cut one piece 10in and another piece 14in (leaving 6 inches to overlap).

2. On your back piece fold over the edges about 1/2in and sew. You can iron it to make it easier and more even to sew, but I just did mine super fast and didn't worry about it...
 This is what the two back pieces end up looking like...
 3. Sew the two back pieces together, just where they overlap about 1" long and 1/4" seam - basically just to keep them in place. You don't have to do this, but I thought it was easier.

4. Pin the back and front of your case together...
 5. Sew around the edges, 1/2" seam.

6. My mom taught me a cool trick- which, if you do a lot of sewing I'm sure you already know- when you're done sewing cut all the corners off to give you a cleaner corner once you turn your pillow right side out.

 7. Turn your pillow right side out and iron if necessary.
 8. Place your pillow inside the case

9. Grab your twine and wrap your present pillow :) . This is what I used, I bought it at Hobby Lobby, but you can get it anywhere... 
(I used the bottom one because it was thicker)

10. I tied a good knot, cut the strings and then added my circle flower thingy on top, but you can decorate it however you want...

 *For the top piece: 
1. All I did was take the fabric I used for my bed skirt and cut circles (not perfect), and then took my burlap and cut other circles to go in between them. Layer the circles and sew the center by bunching it with your fingers a little. You can do this by hand, or what I did was fold my layers of circles in half and run it through my machine a few stitches (since I was too lazy to do it by hand!).

 2. Attach your circle layer thingy decorative piece to your twine by needle and thread
3. Attach a button, or I knotted my twine twice and hot glued it to the circles.
Done! ...
This pillow turned out to be sooo fast and easy!

 My bed is still in need of a few more pillows, but those might have to wait for a bit- I've got Christmas things to worry about! :) ... Including burlap stockings I'm working on! I'm so excited about them! I'll post as soon as they're done!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shag Rug Tutorial

As I mentioned in the previous post, my sister bought one of these...
for her babies room. Her's is probably double the size and light pink (so super cute)... anyway, I LOVED it, but sometimes they come with a hefty price tag so I figured out a way to make my own. 

Let me start off by saying, this took some time, BUT if you don't want to spend a penny on it, it's totally worth it. You can do it sitting in front of the tv and make someone else help you so it goes by faster :). By the time I was done I think I figured out a few more ways to make one, but this way will cost you literally $0.00 (if you have a few items)! I'll show you how I did it, then show you a few other ways...


(you can use an old one you have around the house)

(or old tshirts if you want to do A LOT of cutting!)**
*tip: typically these kinds of rugs are made with t-shirt fabric, but I went the cheapest route I could and just bought a sheet from wal mart for, I think, $7. It will fray eventually, but I think it will end up loking cute. The cheapest they had the t-shirt sheets was in a combo for, I think, $28. No thanks! BUT I've heard you can find them at TJ Maxx or Ross for around $11. Maybe even try a thrift store first.


How To:

1.Cut your sheet in 1" strips. You can do this with scissors, but it's much faster if you have a rotary cutter. They don't have to be perfect! ...
 2.Cut your strips into lots of strips - I did mine about 8-9inches each. Again, perfection not necessary.
 3.Cut your towel in 1" strips. I found it was easier just to do 2 strips at a time so they don't all get in the way, so just cut 2 to start out with.
4.Start by tying your sheet strips around 2 strips of the towel.
Sorry, I didn't take a picture when I started the whole process, so this is a few strips into it, but you get the idea. Also, you'll notice in this picture the top of the towel is still connected. I wouldn't recommend that because eventually it all becomes lopsided, so just cut the towel all the way.

Keep the sheet strips close together...
5. Once you finish the very first set (first 2 rows), start on the next 2 strips by connecting the closer strip to your already finished strips, then add the other strip...
You'll notice I tie the side closest to the "finished strips" closer together, and leave a little bit of a gap on the other side. That's so you'll be able to fit a your strip through when you get around to the next towel strip. Make any sense at all? :) If not, you'll see what I'm talking about once you start! ...
See the tiny gap right below the knot- where you can see a little bit of the towel?

6. Keep goin! Don't give up! :)

Here's the rug about half done...
 *tip: it was easiest for me to lay the rug like this and go from right to left, but find what's most comfortable to you!

This is how it looks from the back. This is what I meant when I said the rug started getting uneven or lopsided:
 If yours does this too, just start putting your towel strips lower to even it out.
This is how much of the towel I used and was about half done (p.s. the towel I used was 30in x 56in)...

 almost finished...

Final product...

 I haven't decided yet, but I'm thinking about making it a little bit longer. We'll see if I have the patience for it :)

**Another way to do this, if you don't want to worry about it getting lopsided and don't want to deal with the towel business, is by buying a LATCH HOOK RUG CANVAS and a latch hook tool. Turns out, these are a lot cheaper than I thought so this is a great way to do it if you'd like. I might make one for my bedroom out of this now- I'll let ya know how it goes! :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

It's that time again!!! I LOVE Christmas. Everything about it. Especially the decor. As I mentioned in my previous post, Kym, is going to start selling her awesome crafty things on this blog. She makes the cutest Christmas things and came up with this idea...



These are Christmas Countdown Blocks.  The blocks are about 3 inches square.  They come gift wrapped in cellophane. Cost is $10 per set. They are great for gifts!



***And can I just add that this is an AWESOME price for these blocks. Again, I've seen these in person and they're adorable!

If you'd like to purchase a set or two (or 18 for that matter) leave a comment or email bk_woodward@msn.com

(for those of you that don't know, we're located in Utah County, Utah) 


Today I'm featuring my sister in-law, Kym, who is incredibly talented!! She's the one who made my frame for my Whitewash post.  She can look at pretty much anything and then make it all by herself!

Kym crafts all different kinds of things, has done lots of boutiques and has decided to sell some things on this site, so hopefully we'll be seeing lots of her around here!! ...



Custom Side/End Sofa Tables
I saw a cute table like this and decided to copy it!
 I have this black one for sale or if you want a certain size/color I can make it for you. 
 The tables have been painted, sanded on the edges and stained, and have a finishing coat over the top.

The tables are for sale for $50.
30" height x 30" length x 14" width

This is another one I made for my sister, it is a little smaller.

 If anyone is interested in these tables please leave a comment with your email or send an email to bk_woodward@msn.com


Thursday, November 18, 2010


It's been a few days since I posted anything, but I have an excuse, I promise! :) My daughter has had the flu- I was up with her about 5 times last night and probably no less tonight, so therefore I'm going to sleep instead of posting the project I've been so excited to share with you. Sorry! :) ... But I'll give you a preview since that's kind of mean of me. It looks a little something like this...

...except that I found this picture online, it's not actually mine.

My sister just bought a "shag rug" like this for her babies room that's ADORABLE! I looked at it and decided I was too cheap but thought maybe there was some way I could make one instead. So I did. And I spent about $13.

Details to come soon!! But for now I have to get to bed 'cause who knows how many times I'll be up again tonight! :(

Monday, November 15, 2010

Painting Hardware

My husband's sister asked me to refinish a dresser a couple months ago and she needed it to be upright. I was stoked because I'd been eyeing one on KSL for a while, just waiting for my other projects to be finished. Anyway, after looking at the colors of her room we both decided on cream. I was pretty excited about this dresser, it turned out so cute. My husband didn't want to let it go, haha! Never thought that day would come! Anyway, here are the before and after pics...

 Look close, these are eagle knobs! Gag!
 We decided to replace those with these adorable ones from Hobby Lobby ...

We wanted to keep the other handles though- I loved the style and thought they would be a great combo with the other ones. 

How To Paint Hardware:

1. Clean your hardware very well with soap and water.
2. If you're using spray paint, you'll want to prime first, otherwise the spray paint won't stick very well. (I used KILZ spray primer- it's oil based, durable and easy to spray on.)
3. After your hardware is dry, if you're using spray paint, spray in thin layers, allowing for proper dry times (read the instructions on the can). If you're using regular paint, use a good brush (Purdy brand are great!) and brush on.
4. Wait for your hardware to dry and apply as many coats as needed.
5. If you want to antique the hardware, after they're dry, use sand paper to rough up the edges to allow the original metals/whatever to show through.
6. With this particular dresser after I sanded, I also wiped the stain used on the dresser over the handles to darken/age them a little bit. 

*tip: if you are antiquing with primer underneath, you will be able to see the primer a little so if you're using darker colors just know that if you sand them after you will see the white showing though (unless you use a different color of primer-red, gray, etc.). If the color you choose is light enough though, it will just look a little scratched and aged. You can also glaze on top of the handles.

7.When your handles are dry, spray with Polycrylic to seal them.

*tip: for these kind of handles, I lifted the hangy-down thing pull up first, spray painted, waited for it to dry, then put the pull back down and painted the top. Make sense? I'm sure there's a better way, but it worked!


**Primed with KILZ, painted with Krylon Ivory, stained in English Chestnut**
Before & After (again)

(yes, there is one knob missing... there was a bolt screwed on too tight to the knob and I got too impatient to wait to take pictures!)

Do you like?