Monday, November 15, 2010

Painting Hardware

My husband's sister asked me to refinish a dresser a couple months ago and she needed it to be upright. I was stoked because I'd been eyeing one on KSL for a while, just waiting for my other projects to be finished. Anyway, after looking at the colors of her room we both decided on cream. I was pretty excited about this dresser, it turned out so cute. My husband didn't want to let it go, haha! Never thought that day would come! Anyway, here are the before and after pics...

 Look close, these are eagle knobs! Gag!
 We decided to replace those with these adorable ones from Hobby Lobby ...

We wanted to keep the other handles though- I loved the style and thought they would be a great combo with the other ones. 

How To Paint Hardware:

1. Clean your hardware very well with soap and water.
2. If you're using spray paint, you'll want to prime first, otherwise the spray paint won't stick very well. (I used KILZ spray primer- it's oil based, durable and easy to spray on.)
3. After your hardware is dry, if you're using spray paint, spray in thin layers, allowing for proper dry times (read the instructions on the can). If you're using regular paint, use a good brush (Purdy brand are great!) and brush on.
4. Wait for your hardware to dry and apply as many coats as needed.
5. If you want to antique the hardware, after they're dry, use sand paper to rough up the edges to allow the original metals/whatever to show through.
6. With this particular dresser after I sanded, I also wiped the stain used on the dresser over the handles to darken/age them a little bit. 

*tip: if you are antiquing with primer underneath, you will be able to see the primer a little so if you're using darker colors just know that if you sand them after you will see the white showing though (unless you use a different color of primer-red, gray, etc.). If the color you choose is light enough though, it will just look a little scratched and aged. You can also glaze on top of the handles.

7.When your handles are dry, spray with Polycrylic to seal them.

*tip: for these kind of handles, I lifted the hangy-down thing pull up first, spray painted, waited for it to dry, then put the pull back down and painted the top. Make sense? I'm sure there's a better way, but it worked!


**Primed with KILZ, painted with Krylon Ivory, stained in English Chestnut**
Before & After (again)

(yes, there is one knob missing... there was a bolt screwed on too tight to the knob and I got too impatient to wait to take pictures!)

Do you like?

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