Monday, November 8, 2010

Bedding Issues & How to Solve Them

If you've ever had any problems with the following, then this is a must-read post...

1. Is your pillow-top mattress too big for your sheets to cover completely?

2. Does your comforter slip inside its duvet cover?

We have a big king size pillow-top mattress that has NEVER been able to keep the sheets on and it drives me crazy. Let me just add that the mattress is silky, so EVERYTHING slips. Anyway, you get the idea. A little while ago, I came across THESE fantastic things from Bed, Bath & Beyond that work great! We never have a problem with slipage (yes, slipage :)) anymore! Hallelujah! They also sell other accessories, so if you need something similar check out their other products.
What's with us and the silky, but yes, our duvet cover is silky/satiny also! Which means my duvet slides all over the place and drives me CRAZY! Luckily while I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond that same day I got the other things, these were on an outside isle and jumped out at me immediately. So to fix my problem of my slipping duvet cover I purchased THESE , which have been AWESOME! It comes in a pack of 4 that attach to each corner, but I'm actually thinking about getting 4 more to put in between also- just for good measure.

**And no, B,B&B is not paying me to advertise for them (unfortunately), I just have loved these products and hope to help any of you!

Does anyone have any better suggestions? Like anywhere to purchase sheets that actually fit your bed? Last time I checked this is the 2010's, shouldn't they be making more customized sheets by now?!? :)

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