Thursday, November 18, 2010


It's been a few days since I posted anything, but I have an excuse, I promise! :) My daughter has had the flu- I was up with her about 5 times last night and probably no less tonight, so therefore I'm going to sleep instead of posting the project I've been so excited to share with you. Sorry! :) ... But I'll give you a preview since that's kind of mean of me. It looks a little something like this...

...except that I found this picture online, it's not actually mine.

My sister just bought a "shag rug" like this for her babies room that's ADORABLE! I looked at it and decided I was too cheap but thought maybe there was some way I could make one instead. So I did. And I spent about $13.

Details to come soon!! But for now I have to get to bed 'cause who knows how many times I'll be up again tonight! :(

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