Monday, November 1, 2010

The Beauty of Modge Podge

One way to spice up your furniture is adding paper, fabric, paintable wall paper, etc. to your piece. Modge Mod Podge is basically glue that dries clear and is awesome :). Great definition, I know. It's super easy to use and adds lots of character to whatever you're doing.
I kept this little table in my sons room right next to my rocker, but it was originally somewhere else in my house and never matched the rest of the room. So one year later I decided it was time to match! I, of course, forgot the before picture, but this is just after it's been sanded down just a little...
*After I sanded, I primed with KILZ spray primer and spray painted with Krylon black satin sheen. I only used the KILZ because I didn't have anything else on hand, but since I was painting the table black it would've been smarter to use a gray primer (just so I wouldn't have needed more coats). No big deal though, it's a tiny table.

*After the table dried I turned it over onto my piece of fabric, traced around the outside of it and then cut it.
*After modge-podging 3 different pieces I had cut out I finally decided I was too big of a perfectionist for the fabric thing so I ripped it off and went with paper instead... I know, lame, but every time I glued it it bugged me that you could tell the fabric wasn't PERFECTLY round. Note to self: if you're using fabric, maybe stick to squares and rectangles. Or maybe just don't be too picky like myself!

*My table was too big for one large sheet of paper so I decided to do a little patch-work. I first modge-podged all of my scrap paper together, then turned the table over onto it, traced around it, cut, then glued to the top of the table. Here's the final product...

Do you like?

A helpful Modge Mod Podge tip:

Be careful not to use too much!! If you use too much it causes air bubbles or can seep through your fabric or paper. Just brush on a small amount, then wait for your paper/fabric/whatever to dry, then reapply another coat on top of whatever you used. I always like waiting for it to dry because I swear you get more air bubbles if you reapply right over the top! I think it's personal opinion though, I know lots of people that reapply right away. So really just do whatever your little heart tells you to! :)

*By the way, after I mod-podged and laid the paper down, I waited for it to dry, then applied 2 more coats on the top, allowing dry time in between coats. I haven't yet, but will also add a layer of polycrylic to give it an extra layer of protection just in case... let's be honest, it's in a kids room, so it will probably need it!


Andrew and Jenna said...

That turned out so cute! And I bet it looks great in his room. I'm looking around my house trying to find something I could do this to :)

Anonymous said...

Love your site! And super cute ideas. But is there a reason people refer to MOD podge as "Modge Podge"? I don't get it...It is clearly printed as MOD podge. Am I missing something?