Thursday, October 28, 2010


I get asked this question a lot, and quite frankly I couldn't have answered that myself just a couple years ago! Hopefully this info will help some of you!


*For starters, if you have absolutely NO clue what glaze is, it's a translucent liquid that can be tinted or mixed with paint to create an antique look, which, to me is probably the quickest, easiest method there is.

*It can be used on anything that has more decorative designs (crevices :) )that you want to see stand out and if you don't want bother with any sanding for distressing. Here are a few examples:

*Ok, so if you've never used or even seen the stuff, let me explain it:

I think it kind of looks like thin glue when you first open the can, but maybe that's just me! It comes in many different brands and colors. You can buy plain glaze and have them tint it for you in the color of your choice or you can buy a can of glaze and separate cans of paint (color of your choice) and mix it yourself. I usually prefer to do this because glaze goes a LONG way so it allows you to use multiple colors for different pieces of furniture. HOWEVER, if you're using black glaze you'll want to have them tint it for you! Why? Because the glaze is white so if you buy black paint to mix into it it will only go a charcoal gray. It's science :)

*Where to buy it: I usually get mine from Home Depot or Lowes depending on which is closer. It's in the paint section, ask someone if you can't find it. There are different brands, but so far I've been happy with this and this. And trust me, a quart will almost always be more than plenty!

So Now what?

After your piece is completely dried and you've properly mixed your glaze if needed (4 parts glaze to 1 part paint) using a paintbrush or rag, wipe the glaze in small sections across your piece, making sure to get in all the crevices (man I hate that word!). If your piece has a lot of crevices make sure to use a bristle brush to make it easier.
Using your rag, wipe off the glaze however you choose, leaving however much color you like. This is all personal opinion, but you usually don't want a ridiculous amount of glaze ... unless you like that kind of thing :)

If you're scared at first, try using a damp cloth to start out with, it's easier to control the glaze that way. I like to brush it on dry, wipe off, then use a damp cloth if I have to. I also keep a small bowl of water next to me just in case.
*And p.s. don't use colored rags, they always get little fuzzies on the piece.
Continue in small sections until your piece is finished. If you need to wipe any glaze off, do it quickly using a damp cloth. Glazing in small sections is always best when you're getting used to the glaze because it's harder to work with the longer you let it sit. If it sits too long it will dry and get flaky.

*If you would like to see photos of the process, go HERE for a great tutorial on All Things Thrifty

** Did any of that make sense to anyone? And does it help?? Your comments are appreciated! :) **


Andrew and Jenna said...

Yes it makes sense and yes it helps :) I want to buy some old furniture just so I can fix it with all the new things I've learned from you. Will you please sponsor my purchases? :)

Ashley said...

Haha sure! Just buy things and sell them!

Krista said...

I love glaze. I absolutely love it. It hides and fixes mistakes and really adds depth to your furniture. Kinda like painting without shading and highlighting.

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