Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Refinishing a Cedar Hope Chest

I had our flights booked to go see my parents the beginning of October and when my mom mentioned how much she hated her china hutch I said, "Let's paint it!!" ... Long story short, the china hutch turned into that, 2 hope chests, a rocking chair, a nightstand, and kitchen cabinets. Yes, kitchen cabinets. Am I missing anything? It was a long week but I think the both of us had an absolute blast! Believe it or not!

Here's the first of many posts to come on my mom's new house make-over...

Unfortunately this is the only picture I have of this one, but it turned out BEAUTIFUL! And I can say that because my mom ended up finishing it :) She did an awesome job! She also ordered 2 knobs from Hobby Lobby to go in place of the other ones, which I think will end up looking saweet! Good job Mom!

What We Did:

1. Remove the top upholstered part & handles
2. Fill in handle holes with wood filler
3. Sand (just enough to rough it up)
4. Prime (Kilz spray primer)
5. Spray painted in Krylon Ivory (satin sheen)

*My mom also added the decorative wooden scrolls in place of the handles... to do that you use wood glue to seal it to the piece after you've sanded and before you've primed. We decided after we had already painted to add the scrolls so my mom primed and painted them separate, then glued and glazed them over the top. It works either way, it's just best to add it before you paint.


Shea Smith said...

I love it all!!! Can't wait to see everything you do. You are so great at it. Thanks for teaching me.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful.....just what I'm trying to do forh my bedroom. Where did u find wooden scrolls?