Sunday, February 20, 2011

Here I am!!

I thought I should maybe wait a few more days to post anything just to hit my one month mark, but let's be honest, this site is getting no love lately! :( This, unfortunately is still going to be a quick post. Just wanted to let you all know I'm still alive, just in a different location now! We made it, our move was a success. And thank goodness it's over. So if you're wondering if I've been doing any crafting or painting lately, I gotta be honest, the answer is N.O. My house is almost completely organized, but the kids have been LOVING being outside so we go for about 3 walks a day + sometimes the park. And in my spare time all I've been doing is research on what to feed this little guy...

We found out a little while ago that he's allergic to SO many things and found out I'm actually sensitive to most of those things as well. So it's been extremely difficult- to say the least- finding things we can all eat. It's a struggle every single day and I wouldn't wish it on any parent, but I'm slowly figuring it out. I've found so many useful resources and because of that I'd love to share with you things and products I end up coming across. 

A little background on my sweet boy: He's had severe eczema since he was about 2-3 months old and was only ever given topical creams to "treat" the problem. And by treat I mean "mask". He would scratch his skin until it bled and wake up in the middle of the night to rub his back up against the bumpers in his crib :( At 6 months we found out he was allergic to milk, then a few months ago found out he's allergic to dairy, all grains (except rice), food dyes, peanuts, eggs, dogs, etc. I found out I'm sensitive to dairy, yeast and gluten so you can imagine putting all that together = we can basically eat nothing :) Anyway, he's getting MUCH better thanks to finding out all of this new information, but it has definitely occupied a lot of my time lately. So, as soon as I figure things out I will return to the painting and other random things ... which, I'm actually extremely excited about so I'll get my act together and hurry it up!

Thanks for being patient with me!!


Sara McArthur said...

That would be so hard having to figure out all the different things you guys can and can't eat!
Poor little man, I am glad you guys figured out what was going on with his eczema. Can't wait til you start refurbing again.

Shanna said...

Hey Ashley - I have a couple of friends who have Celiac's and they have lots of good info on what to eat and not feel like you're being totally deprived. One of my friends actually lives there in Mesa...let me know if you want me to put you guys in touch! :) Shanna