Saturday, March 26, 2011

Potential in Furniture

Wow I'm terrible. We move and my world stops?? Hmm... 

To be honest I've been trying to find the motivation to get moving again... painting, that is. I've been busy trying to find a preschool for my daughter--which has been ridiculously difficult by the way, doctors, dentists, insurances, etc... And as frustrating as that has been I've been trying to regulate my health issues at the same time. I won't go into too much detail, but I have a thyroid disease that affects pretty much EVERYTHING and every part of me. The worst symptoms for me have been tiredness and muscle aches so you can imagine trying to motivate myself with those issues. It's AWFUL, I'll just leave it at that so I don't bore you to death!  :)

Anyway, I have two pieces sitting in the garage waiting to be finished and paint on the shelf to finish them. With a hubby away for a few days, I think I might actually get some work done! In the meantime, however, here are a few pictures of some bar stools I helped my friend refinish a little while ago...


Nothing too crazy, I know, but I thought they turned out so cute and she did a great job! This isn't so much of a tutorial post, but more of a FURNITURE POTENTIAL post. I hope this helps you see what things CAN turn into. Whoever owned these was probably so sick of the old, outdated look, but throw a little paint on them and they're adorable!

So what do you have in your house that needs a little love?

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Shea Smith said...

Those are so cute!! who's are they??? Ha! I feel bad about the thyroid problem, that is no fun. :( Lets skpe this week.